• To be the global market leader for innovations in Trade Finance
  • To be the # 1 institutional marketplace for trade finance

The TRADEASSETS Value Proposition
  • A digital ecosystem of choice for Banks, NBFIs and Institutional Investors and others everywhere to be connected 24/7
  • To extend the reach of members in emerging and frontier markets to find partners beyond existing correspondent relationships
  • To place all members – small or global in the path of risk opportunities, primary & secondary

About us

How does TradeAssets benefit its clients?
Trade Finance risk origination and distribution between banks are ripe for digitization/disruption. TradeAssets is a digital platform for banks that automates the process of Trade Finance risk origination and distribution. It enables institutions to buy and sell bank risk assets while retaining some of the bilateral aspects of their current process. Whether they buy or sell or do both, TradeAssets will help its clients to seek partners faster and enhance revenues.

An initiative of seasoned bankers
Fintech Innovations International DMCC is founded in 2018 by senior bankers Sumit K Roy and Lakshmanan Sankaran and supported by a leading blockchain developer (KrypC Technologies, Bangalore, India) and the world’s largest trade finance media group (Exporta / GTR, UK). Fintech Innovations International DMCC is staffed and supported by a global team of experienced trade finance / FI bankers.

What is TradeAssets

TRADEASSETS is the first Trade Finance e-Marketplace of its kind for banks

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TRADEASSETS gives its members efficiency, convenience, security and increased revenues

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How TradeAssets works

TRADEASSETS was created by bankers for banks to bring efficiency to a manual process of originating and distributing trade finance assets.

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